September 2019


We want to welcome any new residents to our community!

Congratulations to the Yard of the Month recipient: 

September: 301 Ameris

Neighborhood Annual Meeting and Fall Party Saturday, October 26 at 9am at the neighborhood park.

Contact Info: 

Drop Box: on the side of the shed at the park 


Mail: P.O. Box 10336, Dothan, AL 36304 (please include resident's name and address on all mail and checks)

Email: Facebook: Liberty Park Dothan HOA

Board of Directors- Shelly McNary, Jim Wood, Jimmy Singleton, Ryan Kriser, Robert Kennedy 

Mark the date: We will be having a first annual neighborhood yard sale- Saturday November 2nd

Do you like where you live? Do you want to help make decisions for the betterment of the neighborhood? Do you want to meet more of your neighbors and feel more connected in the community? If any of these statements describe you, then we need you on the board of directors! Come to the annual meeting/fall party at 9am. We will start by taking volunteers and voting on new board members. If you want to campaign for a board position, please post on our neighborhood Facebook page. You can still volunteer to be on the board even if you cannot come to the meeting. Make sure you turn in a proxy ballot with your own name written in. (Proxy ballots can be found at the bottom of the printed newsletters, or can be handwritten)

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Neighborhood Clean Up Day


Saturday May 4 from 9-noon

Get out your lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, gardening gloves, pressure washers etc. to join with your neighbors to clean up your own yard/house exterior and help a neighbor with theirs


Send requests for yard work help to Complied list will be posted to Facebook page May 4. After you are done with your own yard, use posted list to help a neighbor. Representative of property must be present and assisting during cleanup day in order for their work to be joined by others. 

October 2018


Congratulations to the Yard of the Month recipients:

 July: 113 Patriot Place

August: 114 Paul Revere Run

September: 105 Pioneer Trail

October: 101 Pioneer Trail

Neighborhood Fall Party

Saturday, November 17th from Noon-5pm

Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Games and Petting Zoo

Strengthen old friendships and Meet someone new


You are now part of a new Non-profit Corporation! Liberty Park Subdivision is now officially known as Liberty Park Dothan Homeowners Association, Inc.. You may deduct any association dues on your yearly taxes. The Certificate of Formation is available to view online on our website ( located as a Download under the “HOA Notes” tab. 


Halloween is just around the corner. Please be especially aware and cautious walking and driving along the streets, especially around the piles of debris on the roadside if they are not picked up in time! 

Other changes in the subdivision:

· Fence repairs, due to storm damage and old rotten boards, continue to be made with volunteer labor from Jim Wood and Rick Federico. 

· The wooden swing set has a new reinforcement board on top to make it more sturdy. 

· Homeowners Association dues are now available to be paid online through under the “Pay Dues” tab. Look for the annual dues statement in the mail beginning in December. Dues should be sent in before January 30. 

· New signs at the park

Contact Info:

Drop Box: on the side of the shed at the park

Mail: P.O. Box 10336, Dothan, AL 36304 (please include resident's name and address on all correspondence and checks)



Facebook: Liberty Park Dothan HOA

Board of Directors- Marcus Cotton, Jim Wood, Emi Hurst, Melissa Whitledge, Jackie Federico, Shelly McNary

March 2018


 We’d like to welcome any new residents to our community!

Due to general confusion and discontentment about what the rules of the subdivision are and how they are enforced, we, the Board of Directors, have written up the two enclosed Community Code documents to clarify and outline the rules, regulations and enforcement procedures for our subdivision. These constructed documents have all been derived from the text already contained in the community Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and By-Laws document that was written at the conception of the subdivision in November 2007. Some details and fine amounts have been added to aid in the enforcement of these rules and regulations. Please take a moment to read these attached documents. Please note that some issues, such as annual dues, are explained yearly in a circulated letter and thus have only been mentioned briefly in the Community Codes. The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and By-Laws document (available on our website is still in effect and will provide detail when needed for further clarification.  


There will be a public meeting held on Thursday April 26, 2018 at 6:30 pm in the Community Room of the Westgate branch of the Dothan Public Library to discuss these proposed Community Codes. Any residents or lot owners with concerns regarding these documents are invited to attend this meeting to discuss their concerns and/or proposals. The documents, with their changes, will be put into action at the conclusion of this meeting. The finalized documents will be recorded with the Houston County Recorder as well as be available on our community website 

We all want to make Liberty Park a safe and enjoyable place to live. Thank you for your continued commitment towards this endeavor!

Just as a reminder since the weather is warming up, if you’d like to reserve the community park to host an event, please contact Shelly McNary at Reservations come on a first come first served basis and are not mandatory.

Our annual meeting is still scheduled for May to discuss other community issues and to vote on new Board Members. 

Board of Directors: Marcus Cotton, Emi Hurst, Melissa Whitledge, Jim Wood, Jackie Federico, and Shelly McNary 

October 2017


  The Liberty Park Subdivision HOA Newsletter October 2017 

We’d like to welcome any new residents to our community! 

Congratulations to the Yard of the Month recipients:  

July: Terry Chance and Kristy Chance 

August: Les and Beverly Peabody 

September: Edward and Linda Nagle

October: Rick and Jackie Federico

    We now have a new community website that is easier to read and navigate: Subscribe to get newsletters and announcements sent directly to your inbox. The original HOA Facebook page has been deleted by the person that opened the page. The board did not delete it, nor anybody from the page. There is no longer a board-moderated Facebook page for the subdivision. Please see the website for communication and to reference the bylaws.. Please also keep your trashcans out of sight, per the HOA bylaws.    

HOA Board Contact Info:  · Drop box- side of the shed at the park · P.O. Box 10336, Dothan, AL 36304 (please include resident's name and address on all correspondence and checks) ·   

Thank you for all who submitted their votes on the issues of voting and parking. We need at least 2/3 of all residences to participate in voting to finalize any decisions. Once we have received enough votes, we will update everyone on what the results have been. So if you have not voted yet, there is still time to take a stance. Please turn in your voting page to the drop box, or mail it to the P.O. box. If you don’t have the ballot, it can be found on the community website (as a downloaded file under the newsletter).    

Happy Halloween! We always get a lot of trick or treaters on Halloween. Please drive especially carefully that night and keep your porch light on if you want trick or treaters. The speed limit for the subdivision is 20mph. Please observe all stop signs, especially the one by the front entrance.    

One of the perks of living in this subdivision is the opportunity to host an event at our community partk. We have a large pavilion with picnic tables, a grill, as well as a playground available for reservations at no cost. Reserving the park for your event is not mandatory, but if you would like to do so, please contact Shelly McNary at to do so. Sign will be placed on the day of event.   

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” ~Elbert Hubbord  

 This is your community. Board members were elected on a volunteer basis and are not paid. If there is something that you would like to do to contribute to our community, please let us know. We welcome any suggestions and service to help our community become a more enjoyable and safe place to live.    

Wiregrass Electric wants to inform all homeowners that if they need to access the power boxes, they might need to rip up any plants that are too close. Please refrain from planting any new shrubs within the bounds listed on picture below.  

 HOA Board: President Ashley Enfinger, Vice Pres Marcus Cotton, Secretaries Jackie Federico & Shelly McNary, Treasurers Melissa Whitledge & Emi Hurst                              


Voting Ballot- parking and voting (docx)


Wiregrass Electric Power Boxes Clearance (PNG)


2017 financial report (pdf)


2018 liberty park subdivision budget (pdf)


enforcement procedures (docx)


Rules and Regulations (docx)